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Benefits of using G Suite for business

  Raj       Monday, May 28, 2018
Are you running a business? Looking for platform where you can setup your business and manage all the stuff online?  You must have heard about G Suite which is formerly known as Google Apps. It is currently renamed as G Suite. You can definitely use G Suite for business and save lots of efforts and time.

You might be thinking that all google apps like G-mail, Google Drive, Google Docs, hangout and many more are absolutely free for public then why should i pay for G Suite? Your thinking is correct. But google is not fool that they will give services free and other side they will charge for same. There are plenty of benefits of using G Suite. In today's article i will tell you basic benefits which   will give you answer about why you should pay to google for G Suite and how g suite can benefit in your business.


Benefits of G Suite for business

  • Domain specific email account
Instead of using you can use It will give professional look to your business and customer will put more trust on you.Even you can set your company's logo on your dashboard.
  • Ownership of Email account
Suppose you are running a company with only 5 employees and you are using G-Mail for communicate with clients. Your business is going really good. Someday one of your employees has decided to quit the company. In that case even though employee has left the organization he/she will have access to his/her g-mail account. That employee can still communicate with your clients on the name of your company.

But if you purchase G Suite for your business which costs very nominal and its very much suitable for small and medium business, then you will have access to change the password or terminate his/her e-mail address. If you want then you can check email history as well.
  • Ownership of File
If we consider same example again then here whatever files have been created by your employee will be owned by employee and not by company. Remember that if you are using google drive with gmail account then it will be owned by particular person. With help of G Suite you may set up a policy that every employee should take a backup of their machine on monthly or quarterly basis on google drive.

Here all files created by your employee will be owned by your company. As an admin you will have full access to all the files even after employee leaves the company.

Benifits of g Suite for business

  • Grouping of email addresses
Let us assume that you are running mid to large level business and your organization is divided in several parts. In such case you can create a group of people and assign that group a single email address. 
For example in you company total 4 HR Executives are working. You can create one group as and include all 4 people's email address in that group. So whenever anybody will send an email to it will reach to all 4 people. 
  • Advance Document sharing
Here if you are using G Suite then within single domain it becomes easier to share documents with your employees. Even you may do advance setting of giving read only and can edit rights to group of people within few clicks only.
  • Integration with Outlook
It may possible that all your staffs including you are used to with Microsoft outlook  and you want to configure outlook in G Suite. So friends no need to worry for that google provides integration facility with outlook. Please check below video to know how to configure outlook with G Suite?

  • More storage capacity
With normal google account you can store up to 15 GB per user. But in Basic g Suite limit is 30 GB per user. According to your plan you can modify it and increase per user storage capacity with G Suite.
  • 2 Step Verification
Google has implemented a 2 step authentication which can be set up by admin in G Suite. It's not mandatory but if you want you can use this security implemented by google.

In this security, If any user log in from unknown device then a text message will be sent to user. By entering that text code only user can access his/her g suite account. to avoid breaches in security it is suggested by google to use this verification.

You might be interested to know that G Suite for education is now available for homeschool co-ops
  • 24/7 support
In any service, support is must require.  If you are using g-mail accounts then you cannot expect support from google if anything not working properly. But in g Suite google provides 24/7 call and mail support to all G Suite users.

So friends, Above all are the benefits of using G suite for your business. I hope this article has given answer to all your questions. You are always welcome to add more benefits of this product via your valuable comments. 

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