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G Suite for Education - Google product for Schools

  Raj       Friday, May 3, 2019
I have seen many people asking questions that Is G Suite for Education free? What is the difference between G Suite for business and G suite for Education? How our organization will be benefited if we use G Suite? Are you also looking answer for these Questions? If yes then i would say you will get all your answers over here.

Here in This article i will give brief information about G Suite for Education and its basic features. Before we start, I really insist that you first understand about term G Suite and what it is.

What is G Suite for Education?

It is a Google's completely free package of productive tools for Schools. Yes you heard it correct. It is free for registered schools and recently Google declared that in USA it will be free for Home School co-ops as well.

I know, you might be thinking now that why google is giving it free? Let me clear the things. Actually Google provides 2 plans for Education one of them is totally free which includes all the basic features and few advanced features. Second is Enterprise edition which costs minimal fee and provides all the features.

G Suite for Education

What things are included in G Suite for Education Free Edition?

  • To Communicate 
    • Email through G Mail - Here you can get institute's email per user account
    • Hang Out - Hang out services for video calling.
  • To Collaborate from anywhere
    • Google Docs - In real time documents can be created and edited by multiple users.
    • Google Drive (Unlimited Storage)
  •  To manage your all tasks
    • Google Calendar - You can setup all you meetings through calendar and also you can invite people to join the meetings.
  •  To manage class
    • Google classroom - To create assignments, Quiz, See the results and send feedback everything can be done at Google classroom.
  • Admin Panel 
    • Add, Edit Delete students
    • Manage devices
    • Configuration of security settings
  • 24/7 Support - Isn't it really good? For any product to succeed you must require support.

Benefits of G Suite for education

  • Cost free - It is totally free for registered schools. So definitely it will save too much cost of your institute.
  • Flexibility - It provides flexibility of working from anywhere anytime. It motivates the creativity, Collaboration and critical thinking.
  • Easy to Use - It is really easy to use for professors and teachers. So you will save lots of time of training them on other product.
  • Impressive - Teachers can send instant feedback and focus on student's performance. Teachers can save their time and focus on their teaching with help of Google Classroom tool. It is really impressive. 
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I hope i have given answers to all your questions about which i have talked in beginning of the article. If you have more information or have any doubt then please let us know via commenting over here. Don't forget to share with your colleagues. Have a nice day.

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