Thursday, May 24, 2018

Google announced G Suite for Education will be available for Homeschool Co-ops

  Raj       Thursday, May 24, 2018
Do you know what the Goal of Google is? It is "to make technology that works for everyone." Today google has announced that they have changed eligibility criteria for their G Suite for education services. They have decided to include Homeschool Co-Ops for giving free service of their G-Suite for Education in USA.

In few weeks, all the teachers and parents in USA who runs Homeschool Co-Ops will be able to sign up for it. G Suite for education includes many productive tools like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Classroom, Google Drive and many more. Till now only schools were eligible to get free access of it. But now homeschool co-ops can verify their identity and register for G Suite for Education.

G suite for education for homeschool co-ops

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Darren Jones of Home School Legal Defense association  wrote that through this technology, Homeschool co-op teachers can give assignments and modify it online. Even though students are on different location they can work together. Everybody will have common platform to collaborate.

Darren Jones said that he has worked this year with google very closely and he will make sure that homeschool co-ops will have same access that currently schools have to G suite for Education. 

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Recently, this program was piloted by google with many homeschool co-ops and they have delivered same functionality as currently they are giving to schools. I can see that these tools of G Suite will be very useful for all the students and teachers. 

Here is the official announcement link from google blog.

What are your views for google's this move? Please share your thoughts with us via comments. Have a nice day.

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