Monday, May 21, 2018

Google has dropped it's famous motto "Don't be evil"

  Raj       Monday, May 21, 2018
Yes you heard correct. According to news and history on internet, world's largest search giant Google has dropped their famous motto "Don't be evil" from their corporate code of conduct.

Since 2000, google has kept this motto in their code of conduct. It became very much famous across the world. When google integrated with alphabet in 2015, They changed their code but google had still kept "Don't be evil". 

According to report from Gizmodo, " Don't be evil" is not part of latest version of Google's code of conduct dated on 4th may 2018. However we found the phrase in COC at the bottom of the document. 
"And remember... Don't be evil, and if you see something that you think isn't right - speak up!"

According to official statement from Google they have not changed code of conduct post  5 April 2018.

Google dropped don't be evil motto

Now it's confusing. What do you think? Have they changed their motto or they are not going to change it. If Google has really changed it, does that means Google has changed their ethics? Does that means google will not mind if you become an evil? All these questions are being asked by everybody nowadays. 

As I mentioned earlier they still kept the phrase at the bottom so we can assume that there will not be any changes in their ethics. It can be just matter of updating code of conduct but they can continue with their original ethics as well. What are you thinking about this? Please let us know your views via comments. 

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