Friday, May 18, 2018

Google ranking factors which can boost your traffic - 2018

  Raj       Friday, May 18, 2018
How google gives ranking to website or blog? What are ranking factors through which we can boost our traffic? Have you ever thought of these questions? I believe yes and that's why you are reading this article. 

In the field of SEO you cannot say that I know everything. You never know when google will roll out new update. You must be up to date with google's updates if you want to be on 1st rank for your targeted keyword. 

Google ranking factors

Important ranking factors, which may boost your website's traffic in 2018.

Now it's time to change your blog or website's protocol to https from http. I have noticed this thing very recently that in first page of google majorly you will find those websites which are using secure protocol, I mean to say https. Even you can try to search any keyword in google and see the result on 1st page. Of course here google has decided give importance to website's security for search results.
  • Mobile friendly website  
Now google is very strict about how your website looks in mobile devices. If your site is not responsive and not supported in latest mobile devices then definitely you will lose your ranking and traffic both.  Having responsive design for your blog will motivate user to spend some time their which will indirectly help you to improve your position in google search results.

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  • Page loading speed
If your website is too large in size and taking too much time to load then user will jump off from your site even before it opens. This will increase bounce rate of your site and google will drill down your position in their database. Today we can surely say that if your website is loading very fast then it can definitely help you to improve your rankings.
  • Backlinks
Let me give you one example to explain this. If you are really good at something but nobody know about it. Now if you start to tell about yourself then few people will take interest in it but everybody will not. Now suppose everybody started talking about you then you will get the attention from too many people. Same thing happen here in blogging. If everything is good with your site but you don't have backlinks then google will understand that your site is not much popular among your readers and it will be difficult for you to get your link in first page of google. Of course you will get few backlinks over the time if your content is really good but that is not enough. You must have to do extra work to build links.
  • On page optimization
Optimizing site with title, meta and header tag is mandatory if you want to rank first. Because it is a way to tell google that which keyword you are targeting. Those old days are gone when we used to put keywords few times in web page, title and meta description. Don't ever try to spam. If google identifies you then your site will be penalized by google. Better to learn on page SEO for 2018.
  •  Content is king 
Many of you must have heard that content is king in SEO. That is really true. Do you know why google is number 1 search engine? It provides best content to user. That means if your content is not worthy for users then google will start to give lower ranking. You must have to write quality and descriptive content to give in depth knowledge to your readers. 

So above all are important google ranking factors. I hope this article is helpful to all of you. If you have liked it then share it with your best buddies as well. Have a wonderful day.

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