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How to start blog in 10 minutes on blogger

  Raj       Wednesday, May 9, 2018
It's really great that you want to start a blog. Many people do blogging as their hobby and to earn money. According to me writing a blog is not just a part time job or pastime but it's a unique way through which you can express yourself.
How to start blog in blogger

If you are a newbie blogger then this article will be very helpful to you in starting your first blog without doing more mistakes. I have written this content so that new bloggers can just go through this article and setup their own free blog quickly.

Here are the steps to create blog with blogger

  • Go to and login with gmail user name and password
  • Create New Blog by choosing Blog title and Blog Url
  • Select or Upload new theme
  • Adjust Widgets
  • Write blog posts

Step 1: Log in to is a platform on which you can create free blogs which can be available publicly or privately. Its Google's product so you have to use your Gmail(Google) email address and password to log in.

Step 2: Create New Blog by choosing Blog title and Blog Url

When you will log in, you will get a button to create a new blog. Just click on that and below window will pop up.
Set title and address of blog

In Title box write the name of your Blog. In Address box write the url of your blog which you want to create. Then just click on Create Blog button.

Step 3: Select or Upload Theme

Now in the left panel you will get an option of Theme along with other options. Just click on Theme and you will get a page where you can upload a third party blogger template or you can select any standard existing theme. You will also have option to select mobile theme. If you know the basic html then you may use edit html option in this page to do additional changes.

Step 4: Adjust Widgets

Now in the left panel you will get an option of Layout along with other options. In this section you can add or remove different widgets. Its simple drag and drop functionality to adjust widgets according to you.

Step 5:Write blog posts

That's it you have successfully set up a blog and now you can start writing blog posts by clicking on new post button. You can upload image or video as well in your article and do formatting of text just like you do in MS Word.

So friends above are the easy steps to start your blog in just 10 minutes on blogger platform. I hope this article is helpful to all of you. If you have any query regarding creating blog then do not hesitate to ask me over here in comment box. Have a nice day.

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