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On page SEO tips to get higher ranking - 2018

  Raj       Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Do you want to see your blog or website on 1st rank in Google? Do you want to make your website user friendly as well as Search engine friendly so that Search engine can understands that what keywords you are targeting? 

If you say yes then you are at correct place to get all your answers. Here in this post you will learn how to make your blog post or web page google friendly and get higher ranking.

Below 2 are the most important things which you should do for your website or blog for SEO
  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO
Today you will learn about on page Search Engine Optimization. Here i will share many on page SEO tips which you can try for your own blog or website to optimize it.

Before we move ahead i want all of you to just go through Basic SEO rules.

On page optimzation

On page SEO tips for higher ranking in google 

  • Title tag
It is one of the most import factors of on page optimization. You must give a unique, catchy, and keyword targeted title to your post. 

I suggest you to keep your keyword in the beginning or middle of the title once only. Don't try to do spamming by repeating your keyword. You may think that adding keyword multiple times will help you in getting batter ranking but believe me instead of getting higher ranking your website or blog may be penalized for spamming. 

Keep your post title attractive. If your title will be attractive then there are more chances that user will click on your link even if you are not ranking first. This will create great impression of your blog in google's mind.
  • Meta tag
In past, Meta tag was very much important to optimize the website. but google started receiving too much spam content in Meta tags and due to that google had updated their algorithms to avoid Meta description and meta keywords if you are spamming. Read carefully, I just said that google is ignoring Meta tags only if you are spamming.  

Actually google uses Meta description to show it in search page as a snippet if it matches with user query. If user's query meet with your given Meta description then google will display it otherwise google will fetch the most relevant piece of information from your article and display it in search result page. I suggest that provide a meaningful description and include your targeted keyword once naturally in it.
  •  Image optimization
You can get very much traffic on your blog or website with help of image. To get higher ranking of image in google image search you must have to optimize  it.
Put your keywords in Title and Alt property of image. This will help google to give ranking to your image for particular keyword.

Bonus tip: You images must be engaging. If user will be more engaged he/she will spend more time on your site which will increase your ranking. Try to compress images because heave image can slow the site speed which can impact negatively to your site.
  • Internal linking
Provide the link of other related articles to your readers. It will increase number of page views per user and indirectly your bounce rate will decrease. Use related keyword in anchor text to give internal linking.Its always good practice to implement proper internal linking for better navigation of user.

For example here you are looking for SEO tips so it will be really good if you get information regarding Quick indexing tips.
  • Header tags
You should use H1 tag only once for your post title. You can use multiple times H2 to H6 header tags in your blog post for hierarchy of the page. Don't overuse of heading tags because it may possible that sometimes strong or bold tag is enough to highlight your keyword. Use of proper header tags can really improve your rankings.
  •   Quality content   
Last but not the least is quality content on your blog or web page. Google has clarified that don't target us but target your readers. If your reader likes your content then google will start liking your blog automatically. I will give number 1 ranking to quality content to get higher rankings.

Above all are the tips to implement on page optimization to get better rankings. I hope you have liked this article. if you have any doubt then please put your questions in comment box. Have a nice day.

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