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Seo rules which every blogger should follow

  Raj       Friday, May 11, 2018

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

If you want that google loves your blog and you get more and more organic traffic from google then you must have to implement SEO on your blog. Seo helps your blog to get higher rankings in Search engine which can be converted easily in higher organic traffic. There are many Strategies available which you can follow to implement SEO but you must have to follow basic rules of SEO to get Success in your strategy.

Seo Rules of Google

Basic SEO Rules for Blogger

  • Make Your Site Mobile friendly.
Nowadays google has decided that every site must be mobile friendly or we can say responsive in nature to get higher rankings in Google Search engine. If your site will not be mobile friendly then definitely it will create negative impact of your website/Blog in Google's eye and you may lose your rankings in mobile devices. So whenever you think about SEO just make sure that your site or blog is compatible in mobile devices and tablets as well.
  • Don't Use STOP Words.
 'In','Of','The' these words are known as stop words. Definitely you must have to use these words in your article to make your article user friendly. But please try to avoid these words in your keywords. it will reduce the weight of your keyword. According to google you cannot use these words as a keyword to get organic traffic.

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  • Javascript and Vbscript File.
First of all you must have to try to avoid these scripts as an internal code and try to use it as external file. Second thing is that, do not include javascript code or file in above the fold area of your page. When you will do these things your page will load little bit faster. Google is focusing very much on site speed nowadays. It's not confirmed that site speed is an indicator of higher rankings in google but i have seen many people who lost their ranking due to slow site speed. 
  • Don't use keyword stuffing.
Those days are gone when we used to put our keywords multiple times on web page and getting higher SERP in Google. Now google is updating their Algorithms very often and if you will try to do keyword stuffing then definitely google will penalize your site. Nowadays google is focusing on content which is actually built for user and not for crawlers. So just build quality content and Google will find you and put you in top 10 searches very soon.  

So friends above are few basic rules of SEO which needs to be taken care by every blogger while doing SEO. I hope this article is helpful to all of you. If you have more questions or doubt then just drop your questions in comment box. Have a nice day.

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