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5 Best Apps to use with Google Classroom

  Raj       Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Google Classroom is a free web services for teachers and students developed by Google. Using Google Classroom, Teachers can give assignments, check assignments and give grades online and without using single paper.

We can definitely say that it is a big revolution in education system. In this digital world teachers may also have to become student to learn something new and student can also become teachers by mastering in something special. Google classroom is a platform to learn new things and teach it to others as well.  

Best apps to use with google classroom

We all know that initially google classroom was free for only registered schools as part of G Suite for Education but in incremental releases Google has made their classroom available for everybody. So now anyone form anywhere can create and join classes using their personal g-mail account.

Do you know what the best part of Google Classroom is? We can use many Apps with this digital classroom and make learning more effective and easy for students. So here in this blog post I will let you know about 5 Best Apps which can be used with Google Classroom to make teaching most efficient.

5 Best Apps which works with Google Classroom

Ck 12

This app includes total 5000+ concepts which include subjects like Maths, History, Science, Spelling Lessons and many more. Teachers can directly assign the lessons or assignments to their class using Google Classroom from CK 12.

If any student feels that in few subject he is very week, He can learn those subjects very easily with use of CK - 12 App.  This app covers topics like Geometry, Earth Science, Measurements, Spelling, Biology, English, Money, Calculus, Chemistry and many more.


This App provides platform through which your entire class can collaborate. Chalkup allows you to connect all your assignments, Course Material and Discussions at one place. Using this App all teachers, Parents, and students can be connected constantly. It provides news feed to everyone to stay updated. We can say that Chalkup is one of the best Applications to use with Google classroom.


Don't go with the name of Application. It's not just ordinary quiz making application. It is a platform for teachers to teach the students by giving assignments, homework and Making educational game. All these things happen in form of Quiz to make it more interesting.

Students can get higher rank on leaderboard. In Quizizz there are more then million public quizzes available through which every student can learn by his/her own capacity. Best thing is this app also integrates with Google classroom.


Have you ever thought that an Application can teach you language? Yes Duolingo teaches more than 23 languages to students. You can do live conversation with boats. It allows a facility of record your own speech while you are speaking. This app also keeps an eye on your speaking so that you can know how much you are progressing. Duolingo is connected with Google classroom and one of the best apps to use for teachers and students along with google classroom.


This app does not teach any subject. But it teaches teamwork and gives motivation to teachers and students. Teachers can manage the classroom behavior easily with help of Classcraft. Using this app class' attention can be grabbed and also students and teachers can become motivated for better experience of learning and teaching.

So friends, above are the 5 best apps which we can use with google classroom and improve our teaching and learning skills. These apps can be used in Iphone or Ipad.

I know there are many more apps available but here we have given best 5 Apps only. If you know about more apps then please add in this list via commenting over here. If you have ever used any of the above apps then please share your experience over here.

Thanks for reading 5 Best Apps to use with Google Classroom

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