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How to capture Scrolling Window with PicPick

  Raj       Monday, June 18, 2018
PicPick is a Screen capture tool which provides many features to take screenshot using various methods and editing images. NGWIN has given tagline to PicPick that "All-in-one design tool for everyone".

Among all methods for screen capturing Scrolling Window is one of the awesome way to capture entire scrolling window within single image. Here you will get all the steps of how to capture it.

Steps to Capture Scrolling Window with PicPick


  • First of all press Ctrl + Alt together and hold it. Now press Print Screen. It will pop up a screen with highlighted red box.
  • Now press and hold left click and drag the mouse on scrolling window to select the area. then release the left click. 
  • Once you release the mouse click, Auto Scroll will happen slowly and after that your entire window will be captured within single image.
PicPickScrolling Window without advanced window

It might be possible that we only want to take a screen shot of actual window and do not want to include other tabs or windows open in computer. That is also possible with PicPick.

You just have to go to File -> Program Options -> Capture. And then select "Use Advanced Window Control Capture". Using this feature you can focus on actual window to capture the screen.

PicPick Scrolling Window with advanced window control

Here in first image i have not used Advanced Window control to capture the image so you can notice that we can see the URL and other tabs which are open in the browser as well.

If you don't want to show all this stuff then just use other option and capture screen with advanced window control. In second image you can see actual window without extra stuff.

I hope this blog post is helpful to all of you. Please share your views about PicPick Screen Capture tool and its scrolling window feature in comment box.

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