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Google Classroom - New way of learning

  Raj       Sunday, June 3, 2018
Do you want to know what is Google Classroom? Who can join google classroom? What are the benefits of Google Classroom? If you say yes then i would like to say that you landed at the correct place. Here in this blog post, I will give brief information about all above questions.

What is Google Classroom?

  • It is a free tool/Web service for collaboration of Teachers and students. Using this tool Teachers can crate class and students can join class. 
  • Creating assignments, checking assignments, sharing documents, teaching and learning all these things became very easy and most importantly paperless with use of Google Classroom.
  • Main purpose of Google classroom is to streamline the entire process of sharing documents between one student to another student and teachers to students.

Google Classroom

Who can join Google classroom?

  • When Google classroom was introduced in 2014 as part of or we can say as one of the features of Google Suite for education which is formerly known as Google apps for education, only users of G Suite for education were able to log in to Google Classroom.
  • In March 2017, Google announced that any user having personal google account can join classroom.
  • Afterwards, In April 2017 google opened a classroom for any teachers having personal Account to create classes and teach students.

What are the benefits of Google classroom?

  • Easy Setup - Educators can easily create classes. They can send an invite to students and other educators to join the classes. They can provide question papers, Assignments and any important announcement using this classroom. 
  • Save Paper and Time - Sharing of documents between teachers to students became very easy and paperless. 
  • Use of Google Apps with classroom - Google Drive, Docs, G Mail, Calendar all these apps can be used along with Google classroom.
  • Affordable: Its totally free for Educators and students.
  • Secure: Google never uses the data of students and teachers for marketing purpose. Best part is there is no advertisement in Google classroom.  

Demo of How to use Google Classroom 

  • Please watch below video to know how actually Google classroom works for students and teachers.

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So friends above all are the information about Google Classroom. I hope that now you got your answer about what is google Classroom? And how can it benefit to us? If you have liked this article then please share with your friends as well. Have a great day.

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