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Moon Bitcoin Cash - Best free bitcoin faucet

  Raj       Saturday, June 23, 2018
Moon bitcoin cash is a free bitcoin faucet which allows you to claim satoshis as many times you want. Here in this blog post I will tell you about how moon bitcoin cash works? and how you can earn bitcoins from this bitcoin faucet?

Before we start let me tell you about What is Bitcoin faucet? It is a web based or application based system which gives rewards to all participants in form of satoshis (Fraction of bitcoin).

Moon Bitcoin Cash

What is Moon bitcoin Cash?

It is a free bitcoin faucet which allows to claim bitcoins to coinpot micro wallet.

Note: Recently official domain has been changed. so make sure that you are using correct domain.

Usually all other faucets allows to claim per hour or per day according to their policy. But Moon cash takes proud to allow claim as many times user want to claim.

How Moon Cash works?

It is driving very much traffic with compare to its other competitors. So it is very much clear that Moon bitcoin cash gives good amount of bitcoins to its users.

They are giving you fraction of bitcoins and in return they are earning from their advertisers by promoting their products. It is obvious that they must have to keep track of difference balance of how much they are earning from advertisers and how much they are giving to users.

To begin with Moon cash you must have to create account on CoinPot which is one of the famous cryptocurrency microwallets.

After that you can start using Moon cash and all your bitcoins will be claimed into CoinPot Wallet.

Please refer below image to know current rates of Moon Bitcoin Cash

Moon cash rates

Moon Bitcoin cash bonuses

  • Daily Loyalty bonus

With this bonus program we can really take our earnings to the moon.

It provides 1% to 100% bonus if we claim at least once per day everyday.

For example, If I have claimed today and tomorrow i am again claiming then i will get extra 1 % bonus. if I continue claiming everyday my bonus percent will also increase from 1%  , 2%, 3% to 100%. By chance if I missed a single day then bonus percent will be reset to 0.

  • Referral Bonus

It's one kind of affiliate program through which we can earn lifetime 25% commission on claims made by user who joined moon cash by our reference. We don't need to claim for commission. it will directly paid to our coinpot wallet.

  • Mystery Bonus

There are no criteria defined for this scheme. During process of claim unexpectedly you will get this bonus. 

Drawback of Moon cash

If you are using Adblock on your browser then you will not be able to claim the bitcoins. In order to claim bitcoins into your coinpot wallet, all advertisements must be loaded on web page.


Just because it is totally free we can definitely manage with over advertisements. other then that, I personally think Moon Bitcoin cash is really good bitcoin faucet.

Have you tried this bitcoin faucet? Please share your reviews over here via commenting. I hope this article is helpful to all of you. Please share it with your friends as well. Have a nice day.

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