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Airtel Smartbytes - How to check Airtel broadband internet data usage

  Raj       Tuesday, July 3, 2018
For almost users of broadband internet connections it happens that we exceed our data usage limit somewhere in between month and later on we have to buy extra gbs from internet connection provider which cost us extra and we have to pay more than our budget. 

To overcome this issue we must keep an eye on our data usage on regular base. If you are using Airtel broadband connection then you do not need to worry about that. Here in this blog post i will tell you about how you can check airtel broadband internet data usage with Smartbytes.

How to check broadband internet data usage - Airtel Smartbytes

  • Just go to Airtel Smartbytes page URL (http://www.airtel.in/smartbyte-s/page.htm). (You must be using Airtel broadband connection. No need to login or signup)
  • Now click on broadband menu. Here you will get all the information you need. You can check your internet data usage, Set alerts and limits on data usage and purchase extra gbs if required.

Airtel Data usage

Airtel Smartbytes works as a dashboard of your internet data usage for airtel broadband connection. From here, you can easily set up daily data usage limits so that you do not exceed by your monthly data limit and stay in your budget for internet. if you don't want to set up limits but just need an alert when you exceed some amount of GB in per day or in per month that also you can set over here easily.

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