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How to use Ultrasurf proxy Software?

  Raj       Saturday, July 7, 2018
Ultrasurf is one of the best free proxy software's which i have been using since my college time to access blocked sites which have been either blocked by my ISP or blocked by my college or blocked in my country. 

There are many more free proxy software's  available to access blocked sites from anywhere but I am using Ultrasurf because it is very much light weight desktop application which doesn't require any kind of installation and can be configured easily.

Do you know what the best part of Ultrasurf is? It will do configuration in browsers automatically when you launch exe file. In case you are using proxy servers for internet access, you need to configure that proxy setting in Ultrasurf as well.

Guide to use UltraSurf proxy Desktop Application

First thing you need to do to access blocked site is that you have to download Ultrasurf. You can download it either from official site or from softonic site

It will be downloaded as compressed file so you require either winzip or winrar to extract the actual file. After extracting it, just run U1802.exe file. As i have already said that you do not need to do any installation to use Ultrasurf. When you run application, internet explorer browser will be opened automatically and proxy settings in your browsers will be configured by ultrasurf itself. 

Note: Ultrasurf uses proxy "" and port: "9666 ".  In case it is not configured automatically you can configure it under lan settings in Internet explorer.

Ultrasurf connect with 3 different servers and whichever is best will be selected automatically when it connects with an internet. Below is the screenshot of my ultrasurf application

You can verify that ultrasurf is connected or not by checking status field which is highlighted in red in above screen. If you are using any firewall software then you have to add ultrasurf as an exception to use it.

If you are using internet through proxy servers then you have to configure it in this application's settings as well. Mostly at school, college or workplace this settings are required.

As shown in above image, first go to option it will pop up new window. Now in options window click on "Proxy Settings" button which will pop up window to configure proxy provided by your internet service provider. As highlighted in above image configure your proxy host and port in manual section.

In most cases this proxy software will be able to access blocked sites but we must have an alternative if it doesn't work for few sites. Nowadays Use of VPN is also increasing. You can have a look at Tunnelbear which is also used for hiding  our location and access blocked sites.

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