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Reopen recently closed tabs

  Raj       Sunday, July 22, 2018
Have you closed a tab by mistake and do not remember the URL? Do not worry about that. You have not lost everything. There is a very quick way to reopen a tab which has been closed very recently in every browser like Google chrome, Firefox, Safari and many more. Even in Android device also we can undo recently closed tabs. Here in this article I will tell you that how can we reopen recently closed tabs in Desktop and android device in various browsers.

Open closed tab

Reopen Closed tabs

Google Chrome

Suppose you are surfing about something and opened lots of tabs in single browser window. By mistake you just closed a tab and you realized that i should not have closed this tab. In such cases you can get your closed tabs back by using short cut Ctrl + Shift + T or you can go to tab bar right click and select reopen closed tab. in either way you can get your lost tab back within a second.

Let us assume that you have realized this thing after closing many tabs in such cases you can go to 3 dots in vertical pattern icon on the right side => History. From here you can see recently closed tabs.

Mozilla Firefox

In Firefox we can reopen last closed tab by right clicking on tab bar and selecting undo closed tab. We can also use short cut Ctrl + Shift +T. we can also go to 3 horizontal lice icon on the right hand side and select History to see all recently closed tabs.

Reopen Closed tabs

Internet Explorer

We can use same short cut Ctrl+Shift+T  to reopen last closed tab. To see all recently closed tabs we have to go to Star icon on the right side then select History Tab.

Chrome in Android

Whenever we closed any tab in chrome in android device it shows a pop up at the bottom of screen "Closed [Page Title] Undo". We just have to click on undo. If we miss this screen then we can go to 3 dots icon on the right side and select recent tabs. from there we can open closed tabs.

So friends these all are ways to open closed tabs in various browsers. I hope you have liked this article. Don't forget to share with your best buddies. Have a great day ahead.

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