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Upgrade from Google Drive Sync to Google Drive File Stream

  Raj       Friday, July 27, 2018
Google has released new tool for all G Suite users late in 2017 and named it as Google Drive File Stream. This tool has replaced old Backup & Sync software which is also known as Google Drive Sync. You may check official announcement at G Suite Update Blog.

Here in this article I will explain basic difference between Drive Sync and Google File Stream. Also i will tell the procedure of how we can upgrade from Google Drive Sync to Google Drive File Stream.

Drive Sync and Drive File Stream both tools synchronize files from google drive to local machine. But how they function is totally different. 

Drive Sync continuously synchronize with google drive and keep all original files available at local machine. Due to this drive sync require more space on local system.

Drive File Stream doesn't keep actual files on local system. It just keeps all the file names so that we can navigate all the files in such a way that these are present in local system. Whenever we try to use file it downloads file from google drive and place it in local system. Due to this process drive file stream requires very less space with compare to google drive sync.

Google Drive File Stream

Based on both process we know that to access the file from google drive on local machine via file stream we must require fast internet connection so that we can access files without any hassle.

How to Upgrade Drive Sync to Google Drive File Stream?

Uninstall back Up & Sync (Drive Sync)

First of all you need to uninstall back up & Sync application completely from local machine. Once you will uninstall this application, it will stop synchronization of files with google drive and keep all files in application's folder in local system. 

Verify that your files exist in Google Drive

Once uninstall complete you must have to verify that all your files present in google drive. You can just log in via web interface and verify that files exist. Once everything seems good we can move ahead towards our next step.

Delete Backup & Sync Folder from local system

This step is most important step in entire upgrade process. You have to double check that Back up & Sync client is uninstalled completely and there is no synchronization happening with google drive. If you delete files from folder without completing uninstall then this process will also delete files from google drive. So you need to be very careful while performing this step. once you will delete back up & Sync application's folder it will release space from your local machine and will give you surety that there won't be any conflict while installing File Stream application. 

Install Google Drive File Stream

Now you are ready to install Google Drive File Stream. Just go to download page from where you can download file stream for both Windows and MAC computers.

Verify document in local system

Once you complete installation, you have to verify that you are connected to Drive file stream or not. Just navigate few files in your local system open those files and verify that you are able to access files via file stream or not.

I hope that this article is helpful to all of you. Please share your views about this new tool File stream via comments. Have a nice day.

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