Friday, July 19, 2019

VMWare acquires Bitfusion to support AI Technologies

  Raj       Friday, July 19, 2019
Today, on 19th July 2019 VMWare has announced that they have acquired ML acceleration startup Bitfusion.  

Below are the official words said by Krish Prasad, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Platform Business Unit, VMware
Today, I am pleased to announce our intent to acquire Bitfusion to help businesses more efficiently use AI technologies on-premises and in hybrid cloud environments.
Nowadays, Businesses are applying Artificial Intelligence more and more to advance their processes and offerings. According to Senior vice president of VMWare they will be investing in AI Technologies and utilize Bitfusion resources to provide cloud deliver model.


Bitfusion is a founder in virtualization of accelerated compute along with a strong focus on GPU technology. 4 years ago they were less interested in AI based technologies and more interested in high performance computing systems. but with the time they have changed their interest to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Leaning. 

Once Acquisition closes, VMWare will utilize Bitfusion's technology to serve their customers better. Even we heard that VMWare plans to integrate Bitfusion team with their VSphere platform.   

There is no official news about pricing of this acquisition deal. However in 2017, Bitfusion had raised $5 million with strategic investment in Samsung ventures.   

Intention of this acquisition is to bridge the gap between traditional CPU system and infrastructure featuring hardware accelerating technologies. VMware’s vision is "Any Cloud, Any App, Any Device" and Bitfusion also aligned with this aim along with their capabilities of working with AI and Machine Learning technologies.

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