Saturday, August 10, 2019

Huawei reveals HarmonyOS - A Backup Plan of Android

  Raj       Saturday, August 10, 2019
In Yesterday's Huawei's Developer conference Huawei's consumer Business CEO Richard Yu has surprised all of us by making official announcement of HarmonyOS. He said that this new HarmonyOS is faster and safer with compare to Google's Android operating system.

As per announcement, Huawei will not target smartphones as of now and focus on IOT products like Smart Displays, Smart watch and car devices. Richard also said that they will continue support android in smartphones however whenever they will be blocked from google to use android they will launch HarmonyOS. Here Huawei has played a mind game and given indirect threat to google. 

In his presentation, Richard said that HarmonyOS is microkernel based distributed operating system in all scenarios. It is an open source platform and looks like a competitor of Google's upcoming Fuchsia OS. Richard said that Android has outdated scheduling mechanism and general fragmentation issues.

HarmonyOS Microkernel architecture

Along with microkernel design, HarmonyOS will be more safe as there will not be root access provided just like android. External Kernel service will protract microkernel through isolation technique. 

Huawei claims that HarmonyOS will be lightweight and performance boosting OS. It will feature latency Engine which can allocate system resources with real time analysis and forecasting. HarmonyOS will also support very fast Inter process communication and this communication will be five times faster than Google's Fuchsia.

Richard said that they are working on HarmonyOS since 2017 and this release is just version 1.0. later in 2020 version 2.0 will be released and that will be real HarmonyOS.

So, In presentation Richard Yu has not opposed of android in smart phones but showed and intention to release HarmonyOS in smartphones as well in future if they will be blocked by google for android. Everyone knows that Samsung and microsoft already failed against google's android. Can Huawei give better competition to google? What your thought on this?   

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